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The Raytown Water Company (RWC)

Providing Safe And Adequate Drinking Water Since 1925

The Oldest Business in Raytown.

Serving the Public since 1925

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The Raytown Water Company (RWC) is a private corporation governed by the Missouri Public Service Commission.  RWC provides water service to approximately 6,700 customers in the Raytown , Independence and Kansas City area.


OUR MISSION STATEMENT—The Raytown Water Company is a public utility, striving  to provide safe and adequate water service for our customers.  The Company stresses courteous customer service and satisfaction.  The Company will act in an environmentally responsible manner.  The Company will be sensitive to cultural diversity.  The Company is committed to continual growth and progress in all aspects of utility service.  Therefore, the Raytown Water Company and staff will work to insure these ends and to represent, serve an support the goals and standards of the water industry.

To contact us:

Monday—Friday  7AM TO 4PM

Closed on all Federal Holidays


9820 E. 63RD STREET

RAYTOWN, MO  64133

Phone: 816-356-0333

Fax: 816-356-0331

E-mail: customer@raytownwater.net


Dear Raytown Water Company (RWC) Customer,

We appreciate you patronage and understand that economic times are tough.  RWC is experiencing the same issues as most of the community.

We purchase water from Kansas City and they have increased our rates twice in the past year.  We have been absorbing the last 4.9% increase for 2011 and now a new increase of 11.99% for 2012.  In addition to the rising cost of water,  we have found ourselves replacing our aging infrastructure piece by piece as water breaks and City Improvement projects occur.  

RWC is regulated by the Missouri Public Service Commission (MPSC) therefore we have filed a formal request to have our rates changed.  A “Rate Case” has been opened.  Following is the Initial Notification of Filing.


July 5, 2012


Dear Customer:

On June 4, 2012, Raytown Water Company (Company) submitted a request for an increase in its annual water operating revenues to the Missouri Public Service Commission (Commission).  The reason for the increase is to cover increases in expenses and/or investments in the Company’s facilities.

By its request, the Company is seeking changes to its customer rates intended to generate an increase in its annual water operating revenues of $426,951 (approximately 13.34%).  At the end of this notice is a table that compares the Company's current residential customer rates and the proposed residential rates. 

Beginning sometime soon, the Staff of the Public Service Commission (Commission Staff) will conduct an independent investigation of the books, records, and operations of the Company.  Based upon that investigation, the Commission Staff will make its recommendations regarding the Company’s rate increase request, and necessary changes to system operations, to the Commission for its consideration.

The Office of the Public Counsel (Public Counsel), a state agency responsible for representing the interest of the consumer before the Commission, may conduct its own investigation, but at a minimum will review the results of the Commissions Staff’s investigation.  The Public Counsel will then make its recommendations to the Commission regarding the Company’s rate increase request, necessary changes to system operations, and the quality of service provided by the Company to its customers.

To provide comments regarding the Company's revenue increase request, or comments regarding service-related problems, please contact the Commission Staff and/or the Public Counsel within 30 days of the date of this notice.   Your comments should include a reference to case number WR-2012-0405.  The Commission Staff and the Public Counsel will review all customer comments submitted in response to this notice.  All comments will be filed in the official case file for review by the Commissioners.

To submit your comments in writing:

Public Service Commission                                                         Office of the Public Counsel

Attn: Water/Sewer Dept.                                                                          Attn: Water/Sewer Dept.

P.O. Box 360                                                                                               P.O. Box 2230

Jefferson City, MO 65102                                                                        Jefferson City, MO 65102

Phone: 800-392-4211                                                                                 Phone: 866-922-2959

Fax: 573-751-1847                                                                                     Fax: 573-751-5562

E-Mail: water.sewer@psc.mo.gov                                 E-Mail: mopco@ded.mo.gov

To submit your comments via the Commission's Website:

(1) Go to http://www.psc.mo.gov;

(2) Click on the box on the lower middle of the page entitled “Comments: How to Make Your Voice Heard".

(3) From this page click on the "public comment" link found under “Submit Comments in Writing”; and

(4) Fill out and submit the Public Comments form, including the case number shown above.  If you want to attach a document, before clicking the “Submit” button, click the “Attach” button.  There are instructions on that page for attaching the document and returning to the previous screen.

(5) Click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. 

If you have any questions about this notice, or about anything else with which I may be of assistance, please feel free to contact me at (816) 356-0333.




Neal S. Clevenger

President/General Manager


Type of Charge

Current Rates-5/8” Meter

Proposed Rates-5/8” Meter

Amount of Rate Change

Monthly Minimum Charge




Usage per 1,000 gallons




Total Monthly Bill           (at 6,000 gallons usage)





Rate Case Filed June 1, 2012

RWC  Customers are NOT under the Boil Advisory. 7-25-12